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Maintain Health and Configuration Of Active Directory




How to Maintain Health and Configuration of Active Directory using DynamicPacks Health Profiler

DynamicPacks Health Profiler can maintain health of your Active Directory by using Health Sets that you create for each Dynamic Pack. 

A Health Set maintain the data that is compared with each Dynamic Pack data. For example, you can create a Health Set named "Maintain FSMO Roles" and apply the Health Set to "Get Active Directory Domain FSMO" Dynamic Pack. When DynamicPacks Health Profiler executes "Get Active Directory Domain FSMO" Dynamic Pack as part of a Health Profiler, it checks to see if any Health Set is defined that applies to the Dynamic Pack. If any Health Set is defined, DynamicPacks Health Profiler gathers the Dynamic Pack data and then compare the data with the Health Set data. In case there is a mismatch in the data, the "Attention Required" is shown in front of the Dynamic Pack in the Health Profile report.

Let me explain how to create a Health Set and then apply to a Dynamic Pack. Stay tuned...

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