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DynamicPacks Technologies Latest News

20  Nov  

DynamicPacks Technologies announces change in Product name

Based on the feedback we received from community, DynamicPacks Technologies has agreed to change its product name. Since DynamicPacks Health Profiler is designed to do assessment, configuration check, and health check of various Microsoft Services, Active Directory Health Profiler has been renamed to DynamicPacks Health Profiler. Health Pack Manager has also been renamed to Dynamic Pack Manager.

16  Nov  

Development of Azure Resource Explorer

DynamicPacks Technologies starts development of Azure Resource Explorer. Azure Resource Explorer can be used to collect Azure Resource information from Azure Subscriptions. Some of the notable features of Azure Resource Explorer are mentioned below.

Mountain View  Explore Azure Resources created in Azure Resource Groups

Mountain View  Add unlimited Azure Subscriptions

Mountain View  Design Azure Health Packs using Azure Health Pack Manager

Mountain View  Add Monitoring to Azure Health Packs

Mountain View  Easy navigation of Azure Resources in a Tree

Mountain View  Add Azure credentials for seamless processing of Azure Health Packs

Mountain View  Multithreading Support and many more...



16  Nov  

Azure Dynamic Packs Development starts today!

Azure Dynamic Packs development starts today! The list of Azure Dynamic Packs that are designed for use with DynamicPacks Health Profiler are mentioned below:

Note: These Dynamic Packs can be used with both Active DynamicPacks Health Profiler and Azure Resource Explorer.

Pack CategoryDynamic PackStatus
AzureGet Azure Subscription Details 
AzureGet Azure VMs in Resource Group 
AzureGet Azure VMs Usages 
AzureGet Azure Resource Groups 
AzureGet Azure Resources In Resource Groups 
AzureGet Azure Resources 
AzureGet Azure VM Disks 
AzureGet Azure AD Users 
AzureGet Azure AD Groups 
AzureGet Azure VM Data Disks 
AzureGet Subscription Billing Details


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