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Execute Individual Dynamic Packs




How to Execute Individual Dynamic Packs

When you execute a Health Profile, Dynamic Packs Health Profiler will also execute all Dynamic Packs that are part of a Health Profile. DynamicPacks Health Profiler allows you to execute individual Dynamic Packs in a Health Profile. Executing individual Dynamic Packs is sometimes useful when you do not want to execute whole Health Profile. For example, you can execute "Get Active Directory Forest Replication Status - Domain Controllers" Dynamic Pack to get replication status of an Active Directory Forest OR you can execute "Get Active Directory Domain Users Count and List" to get the Domain Users Count and List items as explained here.

To execute an individual Dynamic Pack, follow the steps listed below.


  1. Go to Health Profiles pane in the left side, expand a Health Profile.
  2. Select the Dynamic Pack you wish to execute.
  3. Choose the credential under which you want to execute the Dynamic Pack from the dropdown list as shown in the screenshot below:

Selecting Domain Credential for a Dynamic Pack

Note: If you wish to execute currently selected Dynamic Pack under currently logged on user, select "Currently Logged On Credentials" in the drop down list.

4. After selecting the credential, right click on the Dynamic Pack and then click on the "Execute" action as shown in the screenshot below:

Executing Individual Dynamic Pack - Hyper-V, Azure Resource Explorer

A confirmation message will be shown as shown below:

Executing Dynamic Pack - Confirmation Box

5. Click Yes to execute Dynamic Pack.

6. At this stage, Dynamic Packs Health Profiler will execute the Dynamic Pack and Dynamic Pack icon will turn into "Red" as shown in the screenshot below:

Dynamic Pack Icon Changes to Red

Note: Dynamic Packs Health Profiler does not refresh the execution status of a Dynamic Pack automatically. You need to refresh the execution status by either executing the "Refresh Execution Status" action available on the Right Click of a Dynamic Pack or by clicking on the "Refresh Execution Status" button found on the menu bar. 

When Dynamic Pack execution is completed, the Dynamic Pack icon will turn into "Green". This indicates that the Dynamic Pack execution was completed. 

7. To view report or data, right click on the Dynamic Pack and then select on either of the options; "Generate Report", "Generate Data", or "Generate Treeview" actions as shown in the screenshot below:

Generating Report-Data-TreeView for Dynamic Pack

The report/data or treeview will be shown in the data pane. Below shown is an example of data shown when you clicked "Generate Data" action.

Grid Data for a Dynamic Pack

If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss in the Dynamic Packs Health Profiler forum.


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