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Checking and Refreshing Execution Status of Health Profile




Checking and Refreshing Execution Status of a Health Profile

When you execute a Health Profile, DynamicPacks Health Profiler executes all Dynamic Packs that are part of a Health Profile. DynamicPacks Health Profiler might take considerable amount of time to execute all Dynamic Packs. In case you need to check the execution status of a Health Profile and its Dynamic Packs, follow the steps mentioned below:

Click on the Icon as shown in the red square of the screenshot below:

Checking Execution Status of Health Profile

When you click on the Icon, Execution Status window will be displayed as shown above. In the Execution Status window you can see the execution status of each Dynamic Pack of a Health Profile. "Completed" status indicated that the DynamicPacks Health Profiler was able to complete the execution of a Dynamic Pack. 

In case you need to refresh the status, click on the "Refresh Blue Icon" as shown in the screenshot above. When you click on Refresh Icon, DynamicPacks Health Profiler will check the execution status and populate status in the "Status" column.

Note: You can always generate HTML report, Grid View and Tree View data for a Dynamic Pack that has already been completed.

DynamicPacks Health Profiler runs a PowerShell script in background to execute Dynamic Packs. In case you need to end a Health Profile execution, you can kill the PowerShell.exe with process ID 4248 in this case.

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