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Designing Dynamic Packs using Dynamic Pack Manager

14  Oct  

Designing Dynamic Packs Using Dynamic Pack Manager

By default, DynamicPacks Health Profiler ships with 20 pre-defined Dynamic Packs. In case you need to design a custom Dynamic Pack for use with DynamicPacks Health Profiler, you can use Dynamic Pack Manager as explained in this article.

One of the great features of DynamicPacks Health Profiler is that you can design custom Dynamic Packs using Dynamic Pack Manager. Dynamic Pack Manager ships with paid version of DynamicPacks Health Profiler. It is important to understand that you can design custom Dynamic Packs only based on the PowerShell cmdlets.

There are two types of Dynamic Packs you can design; “General Dynamic Pack” and “List and Count Dynamic Pack”.

Please check out Dynamic Pack Manager video here.

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